Banknote Counter
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Product Name : Banknote Counter
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Coin & banknote counters
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Contact Details : Wenzhou Sanqe Electronic Co., Ltd
Product Code : SQ-A31
Product Details

Counterfeit Detecting Function (UV) OR (UV & MG)---UV: fluorescent detection; MG: magnetic detection.
Auto start counting mode: Put banknotes on hopper and then machine will began counting automatically.
Addition function: under this mode the new counted quantity will be added to the previous counted quantity.
Size function: Regarding the first banknote as the standard, size function will work if the size of the next banknote is smaller than the first banknote.
Batch function: Preset the counting number you need, machine will be stop when the preset counting number is reached. And machine will work again when the banknotes are took off.
Half-note detection: when detects half-note, the machine will stop and emit beeping sound.

Counting speed: ≥1000PCS/min
Banknote size: 110×50mm-180×90mm
Power supply: AC110V, 50Hz / AC220V, 60Hz
Power consumption: ≤80W
Net Weight: 6.5kg
Size of Inner Package: 360×300×230mm (1pcs)
Gross Weight of Inner Package: 7.5kg
Size of Outer Package: 630×385×250mm (2pcs)
Gross Weight of Outer Package: 16kg
Counting number display: 3 digits LED
Batch number display: 5 digits LED
Ambient temperature: 0℃-40℃
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Banknote Counter