ELEVATOR CONTROLLER Intelligent Elevator Control Panel
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Product Name : ELEVATOR CONTROLLER Intelligent Elevator Control Panel
Product Origin : South Korea
Product Category : Access control ID cards & tags
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Contact Details : IDTECK Co., Ltd.
Product Code : 001
Product Details
Control up to 384 floors
Stand-alone operation or integration with IDTECK's access control system
1 reader interface: 26-/34-bit Weigand, 8-bit Burst format
TCP/IP communication (optional, TCP/IP module required)
Optional LCD and keypad can be used to the control board for stand-alone operation and manual setting
Accessible floors can be set by each card holder
Host computer manages event data
Retain ID and event data and setting value in case of power failure
Dynamic control of memory up to 50,000 card holders/up to 20,000 events