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The California Wine Ltd. is a professional wine importer and wholesaler since 1995. We source a range of quality wines from California and France. Our selections covered a wide variety of brands which are famous producer in the industry.
As a wholesale wine company , we provide services that a retail shop can offer primarily to private clients, but at much more favourable prices. We can deliver wines to wherever is most convenient to the customer whether it be home, office or restaurant.
Please feel free to browse our products and contact us if you would like any further information about our company or wines.




2009        Lewis Cellars MASON'S                 CAB SAUV
                 路易斯酒莊 美神                           赤霞珠

2007        Alexander Valley Vineyards             Cyrus
                 亞歷山大酒莊                                賽勒斯

2009        Alexander Valley Vineyards            Pinot Noir
                 亞歷山大酒莊                                黑品諾

2009        Alexander Valley Vineyards            CAB SAUV
                 亞歷山大酒莊                                赤霞珠

2008        Alexander Valley Vineyards            MERLOT
                 亞歷山大酒莊                                 梅鹿

2010        McManis Family Vineyards            CAB SAUV
                 馬尼斯酒莊                                     赤霞珠

2009        McManis Family Vineyards            MERLOT
                 馬尼斯酒莊                                     梅鹿

2009        Crane Lake Cellars                        CAB SAUV
                 鶴湖酒莊                                        赤霞珠

2009        Crane Lake Cellars                        ZINFANDEL
                 鶴湖酒莊                                        金芬黛

2008        Crane Lake Cellars                        MERLOT
                 鶴湖酒莊                                        梅鹿

2009        Redwood Vineyards                      CAB SAUV
                 紅樹林酒莊                                    赤霞珠

2008        Redwood Vineyards                       MERLOT 
                 紅樹林酒莊                                    梅鹿

2009        Grove Ridge Vineyards                 CAB SAUV
                 歌富山酒莊                                    赤霞珠

2009        Grove Ridge Vineyards                  MERLOT
                 歌富山酒莊                                    梅鹿

2010        Mill Stone Vineyards                       CAB SAUV
                 米爾斯通酒莊                                赤霞珠

2009        Mill Stone Vineyards                       MERLOT
                 米爾斯通酒莊                                梅鹿





2009        Alexander Valley Vineyards            CHARDONNAY
                 亞歷山大酒莊                                 莎當妮

2010       McManis Family Vineyards              CHARDONNAY
                馬尼斯酒莊                                      莎當妮

2009       Crane Lake Cellars                            SAUV BLANC
                鶴湖酒莊                                           長相思