MBY (Far East) Company Limited
MBY (Far East) Company Limited 


Since 2006


Main Business

Import, export and manufacture of hair and personal care products, salon furniture, accessories and other equipments.

Company Profile

Letters MBY are the acronym of the intimate words “My BabY”, which means our products are so appealing that they are pets for every consumer.
Our Company was founded in 1997. With only a few exceptions, personal care products are all manufactured in Australia. The salon furniture and accessories are imported from China and the rest of the world. We have a very strong sourcing and manufacturing team that cater to the needs of the hairdressing and beauty salon conglomerates down to individual consumers.
It is beauty and health of our clients that we strive for.
Order by Whatsapp : +852 9887-2434
Whatsapp 訂購號碼:   +852 9887-2434