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Security and safety are considered the most important when it comes to lock industry. Since 1993, Shenzhen Ideal has been manufacturing locks for many purposes. Hotels, banks, embassies, consulates, and military institutions rely on our locks, and source 90% of our output. Find why the buyers from Europe, America and the Middle East rely on our quality locks.
Ideal's locks incorporate the latest in tamper-proof data protection - Dallas Semiconductor's SRAM embedded fingerprint encryption. A temper-reactive mechanism creates a cryptographic boundary, so self-erasing memory ensures your secret information stays safe from malicious hackers even when the power supply breaks down.

To better satisfying customer's requirements, we have developed more than 1,300 lock models. Our 30-member R&D team can design samples within two weeks. We offer you four new designs every month, closely working with US digital security tycoons, such as Bell, Atmel, and Veridicom.

Our 10,000-square-meter workshop, housing CAD/CAM, and electroplating equipment are ready for your OEM/ODM requirements. 10,000 sets of locks are shipped abroad every month.

Our CE-certified locks guarantee your security and keep your privacy from exposure. Contact Shenzhen Ideal to know more specifications.

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8th Asian Int'l Security, Safety and Fire Protection Show & Conference
Time and venue: June 15 - 18, 2004, Hong Kong
Booth No.: Q17, T32 and N17