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uncooling Thermal imager,handing infrared camera,Helmeted infrared observation system,uncooling infrared driving system,IC,connector,

Fangyuanming Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an import-export company that enjoys great popularity in China, founded in 1994. The head office locate in Xi'an, meanwhile we have established more than ten branches and representative offices in Hong Kong, UK, Ukraine, Beijing, Shenzhen, Bangalore in India etc. 

Fangyuanming possesses an elite team over 200 people.Now we operated as the oversea marketing promotion department of  CNGC KUNMING NORTH INFRARED TECHNOLOGY Co, LTD, which is the largest infrared material parts of an apparatus and equipment system suppliers in Asia and is well known in the world like SOFRADIR in French or Flur in USA, but without higher price.

We can supply handle Infrared Detector, Infrared Lenses, Handing Uncool Infrared Camera , Helmeted Infrared Observing System, Driving Assistant System, Oscillograph etc.  They are mainly used in the security and protection industry, fire against department and industrial equipment inspection and also used by military. Special, our generation II infrared equipment is the most competitive with STIRLING COOLER Technic,