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Address : 10F-1, No. 262 Hwa-Mei Street, Sec. 2 Northern District Tai Chung Taiwan
Main Business

All categories - 13 products

Beverage jugs/pitchers - 1 product

Children's furniture - 1 product

Cocktail mixers/shakers - 4 products

Plastic mugs/cups/tumblers - 4 products

Ride-on toys - 1 product

Serving tools & utensils - 1 product

Sports toys - 1 product
We provide customers with the best sourcing service and expert manufacturing for hand tools, automotive tools and plumbing tools from Taiwan and mainland China. Our extensive experience in this field has enabled us to establish many close relationships and joint ventures with numerous makers both in Taiwan and mainland China.
Instead of contacting different suppliers and having to consolidate shipments on your own, you can just go through us and we'll take care of everything. Working at an open basis, we offer all the information you require and provide qualified services in the following vital areas:

Sourcing compatible products and suppliers
Product development capability
Expediting and tracing of orders
Quality control through factory inspections
Consolidated shipments by our warehouse (also serving other customers.)
Clients simply pay a minimal handling charge at a fixed rate negotiated by both the customer and us. This convenient arrangement allows us to become your Taiwan/China branch office as well. Contact us now and get more benefits!